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At Digiteye, we are pioneers in the world of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, dedicated to reshaping the way people experience art. Our passion for innovation and artistic expression drives us to create captivating digital art that merges the physical and digital realms seamlessly. We've set out on a mission to breathe new life into art exhibitions, offering a unique and immersive journey for art enthusiasts and creators alike.

What We Do

AR Art Creations

Our core expertise lies in the creation of awe-inspiring AR artworks that transform traditional art pieces into dynamic, interactive experiences. These creations bring static art to life, infusing each piece with movement, sound, and interactivity.

Immersive Exhibitions

We partner with galleries, museums, and art institutions to curate and host exhibitions that transport visitors into a world where the boundaries between the physical and digital are blurred. Our immersive exhibitions create memorable and captivating encounters with art.

AR mini game

An AR game combines real-world visuals with digital elements, allowing players to interact with both. It enhances the environment around you with computer-generated content, creating immersive and interactive gaming experiences directly overlaid on your actual surroundings.



The Immersive Art Experience

            This exhibition is the cooperation with MOCA Bangkok , and it is the first exhibition to make the art of viewing more interesting by using technology. We have arranged this exhibition in two parts: in the common area of MOCA Museum and Art game exhibition, in the common area of MOCA, visitors can share the fun by loading applications, explore five hidden puzzles together, collect the keys , and open the treasure box. The other part is the exhibition on the fifth floor. We present the games by two artists, namely Praiva and Line Sensor. The action games of these two artists are just a demonstration, so that people who are interested can see the actions that they want to present their works with technology in their imagination. The two artists use different demonstration equipment.

Aesthetic Experience

By Aree Soothipant

         "Aesthetic Experience" By Aree Soothipant (National Artist in 2012) This exhibition focuses on artworks that express ideas through Contour Drawing using techniques of active observation and conscious perception. Stimulates thoughts about beauty, works of art . The works in exhibition emphasize the beauty of the female form through the composition of line, color, shape, form and the artist's liberating approach to surface. The artist reduces and refines essence through the art of creation and uses unique artistic techniques.

Why Digiteye?


We're at the forefront of AR technology, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the art world.

Immersive Art

We believe art should be felt, not just seen. Our creations create emotional connections and immersive moments.


We work closely with artists, institutions, and curators to co-create experiences that engage and astonish.



Our Vision

We envision a world where art is no longer confined to canvas, where sculptures come to life, and where every gallery visit is an adventure. Our vision is to make AR art a global phenomenon, redefining the way we engage with and appreciate the beauty of human creativity.

Join Us on this AR Journey

Are you ready to explore art like never before? Join us on this exciting journey, as we merge the worlds of art and technology to bring imagination to life. At [Your Company Name], we invite you to step into a world where every brushstroke has a story, every sculpture has a voice, and every art exhibition is a breathtaking adventure.
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